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Fall Sports

The athletic department personnel set out with a daily mission to help each student-athlete to become a better person both on and off the field of play through teamwork and a healthy sense of competition. Student-athletes are pushed in a positive manner to learn to work in the realms of competition, teamwork, achievement and self-discipline. The student-athletes learn through time 

Athletic Director

Mr. JP Aquilina

and effort how hard work and discipline will translate to success in current endeavors as well as in life long ambitions.

In keeping with the student-athlete mentality, these individuals are seen as students first and as athletes second. Weekly checks are done in order to assure that school work is taking the highest priority, and only after all requirements are met, do these individuals receive the opportunity to participate in an extra-curricular activity.

Varsity Football
Mr. Tyson Kelley
Boys Grades 10-12

Cross Country
Mr. Nick Capaci
Boys/Girls Grades 9-12

Jr. High Cross Country

Mr. Nick Capaci

Boys/Girls Grades 7-9

Jr. High Golf
Mr. John Spencer
Boys/Girls Grades 7-9

Varsity Golf
Mr. Art Brunn
Boys/Girls Grades 9-12

Jr. High Soccer
Mr. James Evanoski
Boys/Girls Grades 7-8

JV/Varsity Girl’s Soccer
Miss Shaina Dougherty
Girls Grades 9-12

JV/Varsity Boy’s Soccer
Mr. Mike Davitt
Boys Grades 9-12

Girl’s Volleyball
Mr. John Kablick
Girls Grades 9-12

JV/Varsity Field Hockey
Ms. Hannah Beach

Girls Grades 9-12

Jr. High Field Hockey

Mrs. Toni Griseto

Girls Grades 7-9

Varsity Girls Tennis

Mr. Joseph Suchocki
Girls Grades 9-12

Varsity Cheerleading

Ms. Lauren Gonzalez
Boys/Girls Grades 9-12