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Music, Curriculum Overview

The Music Department believes that it is important for students to develop a keen sense of the value of music and its importance in life. The members of the Music Department have the responsibility of developing the abilities of the musically gifted as well as nurturing the aesthetic sensitivity to music of all students regardless of their individual levels of musical talent. General education in music consists primarily of developing the abilities of every child to have aesthetic experiences of music to the fullest extent.

To meet these standards, the music department offers a wide curriculum available to all students which is both integrated, advanced, and comprehensive in order to provide students the opportunity to experience music through study and performance. Music Department courses are structured to enable students to gain essential, relevant music skills and knowledge as part of their overall development as well rounded individuals. In addition, cultural and aesthetic values are taught through the various music courses, ensembles and music-related activities.

Students are given the opportunity and encouragement to participate in ensembles for school performances, assemblies, and liturgies. They are also offered participation in competitive Music Festivals and Fests; thus specially gifted students have the opportunity to advance musically as well as to receive recognition for their creative efforts. Music students and ensembles most often contribute their time and talents in service to the school, church and community.