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Admissions Overview

Holy Redeemer High School is a four year coeducational secondary school of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton. All students may apply for admission to Holy Redeemer High School pending administrative approval. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin. Upon approval, all new students, including incoming freshmen, are admitted on a probationary status for one (1) semester. Students are admitted to the school on an annual basis after careful review. Continuance for each successive year will be based on a careful review of attitude and behavior and the academic achievement of the student, and is entirely the decision of the school.

A limited number of partial scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results of the placement exam. A nonrefundable registration fee is required with the application for registration and re-registration. Families may apply for tuition assistance thru the PSAS(Private School Aid Service) Application.

If a student attends a Catholic grade school in the Diocese of Scranton, a placement test is given to all eighth graders in the Diocese. This test will be used in admissions and the placement process for the Catholic high schools.

For those students in public or private schools, the placement examination will be given at Holy Redeemer High School on a date set in early December. Placement test results will be discussed at a family meeting in February and all potential ninth graders and their families will be asked to schedule an interview to be held in February at the high school.

Interested families should contact the high school and set up an appointment for an initial interview with the Director of Guidance. In this interview general information will be collected and a release of information will need to be signed in order that Holy Redeemer High School can obtain needed information about the prospective student. The Dean of Students will then contact the high school from which the student wishes to transfer. Issues of discipline, tardiness and attendance will be reviewed and noted. If the student is transferring from another Catholic high school, the Dean of Students will inquire as to the status of all financial accounts.

After review by the Dean of Students the transfer file is directed to the Vice Principal for Academics who reviews the academic performance of the student. The Vice Principal for Academics will consider such things as academic performance, special needs and accommodations, the compatibility of the two curriculums and the ability of the students to graduate on time from Holy Redeemer High School. At times it may not be possible to meet the special needs of individual students and a recommendation to enroll in a more suitable program will be made.

Finally, the Principal reviews the file containing the recommendations of the Dean of Students and the Vice Principal for Academics and makes the final decision on admission of a transfer student. The decision of the Administration will be conveyed to the family of the transfer student by the Director of Guidance. If admission is granted further information concerning finances, uniforms, etc. will be provided to the transfer student and family.

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