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Holy Redeemer High School, although created in 2007, enjoys the benefits and the history of the many religious communities which founded Catholic education in Luzerne County of the Diocese of Scranton. The faith-filled traditions and academic excellence continue to give witness to the viability of the school. Holy Redeemer High School continues to provide a climate conducive to academic achievement, spiritual development, athletic prowess and social maturity according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

July 2007 was the start of the inaugural year of Holy Redeemer High School through the merger of four Luzerne County Catholic High Schools, namely Bishop Hafey High School (Hazleton), Bishop Hoban High School (Wilkes-Barre), Bishop O’Reilly High School (Kingston), and Seton Catholic High School (Pittston). The new school would be known formally as Holy Redeemer High School, the community of the Royals, and would boast the colors red, white and gold, symbols of faith, hope and love.

Coat of Arms

The Holy Redeemer High School coat of arms, depicted in red, white and gold, consists of a four part shield, which surrounds the most prominent symbol, the cross and crown, representing the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus Lord and Redeemer, and ultimately our salvation. Each quadrant displays a symbol taken from the history of the four founding schools. Top left holds a representation of the dove, a sign of peace which the school community tries to imbue and extend to all. Top right contains a bee hive with a two-fold meaning. The beehive is a symbol of the Church in which everyone is called to work together for a common good and a symbol of the City of Wilkes-Barre in which Holy Redeemer High School is located. The lower left quadrant displays a ship, the Bark of Peter, a revered and ancient symbol of the Church. The mast bears a Chi-Rho, the monogram of Christ in the Greek language, which identifies Jesus Christ as the Head of the Mystical Body, the Church. The lower right quadrant depicts an eagle, majestic symbol of one of the four Gospel evangelists proclaiming Jesus, the Master Teacher, as Lord and Redeemer. Two laurel leaves representing achievement enclose the right and left sides while a ribbon heralds the name, Holy Redeemer High School, and hails the pride of the Royals to complete the coat of arms.

Alma Mater

Holy Redeemer,
Hail the red, white and gold;
We are faith, hope and love.
We are one from the many,
United and proud,
With courage from above.

In the Spirit of Christ,
Our story is told.
Our Redeemer sustains us
As our lives do unfold.

Loyal, united with pride do we hail;
We are Holy Redeemer Royals;
We are Holy Redeemer High.


Music and Lyrics by
Andrea Bogusko Yorkonis


Omnia per Christum  - “All Things Through Christ”

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me." - Philippians 4:13

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