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Catholic (First Child):                  $7,850.00 (2022-2023)

Non-Catholic (First Child):       $8,650.00 (2022-2023)

Academic Scholarships

Based on the performance of students on the Placement Scholarship Exam (Holy Redeemer High School in December 9th) students may receive academic scholarships that will carry over for each of the next four years. Scholarships range from $1,000 to $250 a year.

Diocesan Tuition Assistance

The FACTS Tuition Management system is used to address need based tuition assistance. On the Diocesan level information gathered in the FACTS process is considered when look at need based tuition assistance offerings. FACTS provides flexible payment plan options to families at private and Catholic schools.


Local Level Tuition Assistance

After the options listed above have been completed some families may still have a need for additional assistance in order for their child to attend the school. On a case by case basis, a small amount of tuition assistance may be available at the school level. Contact the Principal with any issues you may be having.


The Redeemer Gift Certificate Program

This program allows parents to get tuition credit by purchasing gift cards for purchases at 100 restaurants, stores and retailers.

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