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Profile of a Graduate

Upon successful completion of the educational program at Holy Redeemer High School, students will demonstrate:


Spiritual Development:

  • Forming a moral compass, founded on the Gospel, to help guide decisions, knowing the inextricable link between actions and consequences

  • Understanding their responsibility to serve others selflessly

  • Living and expressing the values and beliefs congruent with their Catholic identity as productive, responsible, faith-filled leaders in their parishes and communities.

  • Fostering a meaningful relationship with God and have a rich understanding of their faith


Intellectual Development:

  • Exhibiting proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening

  • Exhibiting proficiency in mathematical computations and problem-solving applications

  • Acquiring critical thinking skills and metacognition as an independent and life-long learner

  • Being critical and creative thinkers who communicate clearly and exercise strong moral judgements 

  • Using technology methodically and ethically as both consumer and producer

  • Gaining an understanding and appreciation for the arts


21st Century Preparedness:

  • Recognizing and respecting diversity and the worth and uniqueness of each person, including self

  • Being prepared citizens who make informed, faith-filled, ethical, moral and political decisions designed to meet the challenges of our changing and competitive society.

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