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Fine & Performing Arts

Holy Redeemer is proud of its history in the area of Fine Arts, featuring its Music, Drama and Art programs.  Our high school is committed to developing the gifts of the entire student both academically and creatively. 

Students of the arts are introduced to principles and theories that enable them to grow in appreciation of varied cultural experiences, to increase their skills in artistic expression, and to gain an appreciation for their God-given talents. In this way, students are given the opportunity to explore their potential, to think creatively, to solve problems with ingenuity, and to respond to events and experiences of our society with creative confidence and enthusiasm, preparing them for the challenging world of the 21st Century.


To allow students to develop a keen sense of the value of music and its importance in life, music appreciation, theory, and performance courses are structured to enable students to gain essential, relevant music skills and knowledge as part of their development as well-rounded individuals. In addition, cultural and aesthetic values are taught as students are given the opportunity to experience music through study and performance in a variety of ways.​


All students are encouraged to participate in ensembles for school performances, assemblies, and liturgies. They are also offered participation in competitive Music Festivals and Fests, thus giving the specially gifted students opportunities to advance musically and to receive recognition for their creative efforts. Music students and ensembles most often contribute their time and talents in service to the school, church and community.


Drama and Theatre Arts courses are offered to sophomore, junior, and senior students who are interested in developing their skills as thespians. In these courses, students gain an understanding of the history of theatre and are able to apply that knowledge toward an understanding and deeper appreciation for more contemporary modes of theatrical expression. Students also practice the skills of improvisation, script writing, blocking, and performance. 


The Fine Arts Department  is proud to produce a Fall Musical, an Honors Drama Winter Musical, and a Spring Play each year. Opportunities for student involvement in school stage productions include chorus ensemble, make-up crew, costume crew, set construction and design, and stage crew. 



A variety of art classes are offered to students with the hope of challenging them to recognize their creative abilities as they develop aesthetic awareness and artistic skill. Students are also introduced to the inter-weaving of art and society through the study of past and present artwork and artists, with the goal of fostering an appreciation of the work of other cultures and individuals.

The Visual Arts can provide students with the tools and knowledge for lifelong discovery of their individual expression of ideas. Art can become a unique and powerful channel of communication and expression for each student. 

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