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The English Department strives to inspire in students a love of literature and the English language through a study of both classic and contemporary works, as well as the conventions of the spoken and written word. In their English classes, students learn the importance of analysis and close reading, synthesis of information, and effective application of concepts to their individual experiences. Emphasis is always placed upon the central processes of critical thinking, on the skills involved in learning new tasks, and on the abilities required to meet present and future needs. 


In addition to their regular coursework, students have the opportunity to celebrate the creative aspects of the human experience that the English Department provides through theatrical productions, multi-media projects, print and video presentations, literary re-enactments, public relations projects,  yearbook contributions, local newspaper correspondent programs and speech and essay contests. 

English Department course offerings and electives include:

  • Classical Literature

  • American Literature

  • British Literature

  • World Literature

  • Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

  • Creative Writing

  • Journalism

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