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Foreign Languages, Curriculum Overview

The over-all goals in the foreign language study are effective communication and cultural understanding. Inherent in effective communication is the development of the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, language is more than simply a means of communication. It is also a window into the mind and heart of the people. Language enables one to comprehend and assimilate the character and culture of a foreign people, all their nuances of being and sense of humor, their intellectual qualities, spirituality, and strengths and weakness – indeed their very soul.

It is, therefore, the conviction of the Foreign Language Department that Christian education should pave the way to an association with all peoples based on mutual understanding and genuine communication. In order to assume the role of citizen of the world, the educated person must be equipped with the knowledge and skills which will enable him or her to constructively interact with people of other nationalities. Thus fortified, and individual will be enabled to pursue the ideals of equality and unity, leading all peoples to understand the Word of God.

Presently we offer study for four years in three languages, namely French, Spanish and Latin.